Cyber Defense & Threat Detection

Our Proactive Defense solutions allow you to prepare for and defend against the inevitable attacks against your environment. Unfortunately having a good defense is just not sufficient anymore.  Combining our state of the art threat detection techniques with a layered defense protects our clients against the "Long con".

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Intrusion Remediation & Public Relations

Incident Response (IR) requires specialized skills to ensure you are covered legally and digitally in the event of an adverse cybersecurity incident. We have a formula that is time tested, repeatable, and complete.

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Breach Readiness Plan Testing

Humans are the weakest link in your cyber defense. Securing your "Human Firewalls" and insuring that an actionable plan is developed and in place when a breach occurs is one of our many key strengths.

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What we all should understand

When a data breach does occur, organizations must be able to spring into action and respond to the threat immediately. Recent industry data shows that credentials are compromised in minutes and most of an organization’s critical data or intellectual property is lost within the first day of a data breach. Specifically, according to Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigation Report, 81.9 percent of organizations surveyed reported that a compromise took only minutes to infiltrate company systems with 67.8 percent of respondents showing that associated data was “breached” within days of the initial compromise. Therefore, any threat detection solution that cannot detect and remediate threats in near real-time is not much use. Valuable assets could already be stolen and sold on the Dark Web before an organization knows they are even missing!

The good news is that advances in threat detection technology have significantly improved the enterprise’s ability to detect and stop these threats and prevent extensive damage. The challenge, however, is that many of these technologies demand an army of human security analysts to interpret threat indicators and determine the appropriate course of action, including elimination and clean up. With hundreds, if not thousands, of varying levels of threat flags per day, this task is like holding back the tide; it is nearly impossible for security teams to keep up with the flow of information and still perform other ongoing responsibilities in prevention and analysis. Not surprisingly given their frequency, many of these alerts are often ignored. According to a March 2016 report conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group, despite having invested significantly in information security solutions to the point of utilizing dozens of point products, nearly 74 percent of the 125 IT and cybersecurity professionals surveyed reported that security incidents/alerts are simply ignored because their teams can’t keep up with the suffocating volume.

As the likelihood of breaches increases—and it’s a matter of when, not if it happens—CISOs with limited time, budget and resources are further challenged to seek ways to accelerate the threat detection and elimination process before damage is inflicted. This is what we are here for, this is why Bellingrath exists.